The Kenyan School Project


The Kenyan School Project is a small non-profit organization working to improve the lives of children in Kenya by promoting better educational opportunities and health.  We take on one small project at a time.  Over the past five years, KSP has been working with the Burguret Primary School in Nanyuki. The Burguret School consists of 370 girls and boys in the primary school and 80 young students in the kindergarten.  The Burguret School is situated at the foot of Mount Kenya and at the edge of the Great Rift Valley near stunning wildlife parks where subsistence farmers grow beans, maize, potatoes and raise some livestock. 



Liz and Ann plan trip to Kenya to Celebrate the Opening of the NEW KINDERGARTEN CLASSROOMS! See our August 2017 Newsletter for details!

The Kindergarten Classroom Contruction has begun! See our May 2017 Newsletter for details and video!

Harambee Huge Success!- See our October 2016 Newsletter for details!

Our current project is the construction of a Kindergarten for the 80 plus kindergarten children.  The current structure has boards and no battens, a rusted tin roof and a dirt floor.  There are chiggars in the dirt and leaks in the roof.  During the rainy season, the wind and rain create a challenge for these young children to stay warm.  In warmer months, the tin roof offers little protection from the scorching heat.  Our goal is to replace this aging structure with a modern two classroom school building.  Please consider a tax deductible contribution – Donate Now.



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So far we have completed the following projects which all came in within budget: 

Construction of a School Kitchen - Completed in 2012.

As part of the Kitchen project, KSP purchased a Jiko cooker to make food for the noon meal.  The School meal program is a direct result of the Kitchen Project and has greatly improved the lives of the children at the school.  According to school officials the Burguret School is highly respected in the area, in large part due to the food program and water projects funded by KSP.  School enrollment has increased and children are doing better in school as a result of the Meal program.  For many of the children, this is their main meal of the day.



WATER TANKS - Completed in 2013


KSP funded the purchase of 4 water tanks, gutters, piping and a water collection and wash station.  Much of the water is used to grow food for the school gardens. Food grown in the school gardens is used in the school meal program. The water is providing improved hygiene and students no longer have to carry water to school (average distance of 1 mile) as there is now water for washing and cleaning.



LIBRARY BOOKS - Completed in 2013 and 2015

KSP has donated books to the school through the Book Program to bring culturally appropriate books to the school library and classrooms.  These books are in Swahili and English and provide much needed culturally appropriate content.  The books are actual text books purchased in Nairobi by KSP Board member, Ann Goss, when she visited Burguret in March of 2015.



In 2014 KSP projects were put on hold for a year due to our Director's life threatening medical issue. She is now recovered and things are going well and we are back on track.